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Maxwell and Courtney

We can't wait to celebrate with you on

86 days until "I do"!

Our Story

Max and Courtney's story began in a small classroom in the basement of the Candler Library of Emory University almost ten years ago where their undergraduate Mock Trial team met multiple times each week for years. Max had an instant crush on the girl who came bursting into tryouts, shoes in hand and running late (She knocked it out of the park).

From 2014-2017, they traveled together, competed together, and found in one another a love and respect that they continue to share with their closest friends and teammates to this day.

But by 2017, they had drifted, as Max was working as a teacher in Atlanta and Courtney had just recently come back from studying abroad and was finishing up her senior year. When they sat down for sushi to catch up about their lives of late, they rediscovered a connection that would one day grow into a marriage.

Throughout the summer of 2018, Courtney and Max were virtually inseparable. They attended concerts together, went car shopping together, Courtney even helped take care of Max when he had his wisdom teeth out- all while willfully ignorant of the feelings for one another that had clearly grown (much to the amusement of their friends and of Max's father who developed the habit of asking how Courtney was doing on the phone before asking how Max was doing).

But by the time Labor Day Weekend came around, no amount of intentional obtuseness could prevent Max & Courtney from facing facts and so they made it official.

In the intervening five years, Max & Courtney have made a home in one another. From the interminable lockdown of 2020, to the five different moves to four different states and all the wonderful personal and professional change that's taken place in between, Max & Courtney have created something truly special together.

They can't wait for you to be a part of the next chapter.